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  1. Dear Deanna Rodger

    Firstly may I wish you a very Happy New Year, wishing that 2015 brings you a very happy, healthy, prosperous New Year.

    As a Freelance Journalist I would very much like the opportunity to schedule a 10 minute interview with you to learn about your professional career, more about how you got involved in this career and the day-to-day activities you undertake regarding your profession.

    Poetry, and the performance of the Spoken Word, pretty much is the cornerstone of WhisperMaze’s profile, it is a past time, it is all the time, it is in essence a form of expression that we support, and very much intend on raising the profile of. In addition, Whispermaze sees the formula as being simple: role models, or sources of aspiration act as an inspiration, it’s much better if they are closer to home, accessible, beneficial, and paramount to people alike actually being able to be engaged with the very people inspired by artists such as Deanna Rodger.

    I know that you must be quite busy, so I assure you I will be brief — taking up no more than 30 minutes of your time.

    I will contact you via email next week to inquire about a convenient time for scheduling this informational meeting. You can also reach me at 07896 413 013 or at whispermaze@yahoo.co.uk

    Thank you very much for considering this request.

    Jahvin Morgan
    Freelance Journalist

  2. Deanna, I have this evening found out about you and I’m glad I did, even though you’re mentioned in some kind of ‘marketing’ campaign by Sky News. Just after Kay Burley tried to totally undermine why a woman – an older woman, God forbid, would stand for the presidency of the USA. I say, ‘please have a woman only candidacy.’ You may be that person one day.

    However, your words were very interesting. I’d say much more but I’m worried that your ire is politicised by the right. I hope your anger – I believe your anger is the most powerful thing I’ve heard for many years, and so totally devoid of influence other than the natural sense.

    Whatever your politics, keep them free of anyone or anything. Maybe I’m misdirected bf the point and if so, I apologise.

    Irrespective. I feel privileged to have heard you. Thank you.

    1. Hallo Andrew, I am truly touched by this message and by you and your accurate insight into my thinking and character. I have no political preferences other than left is best. My true politics is in regards to the universe, the stars and alignment – though admittedly I am too a product of my environment and am partial to a delight in buying stuff! I am very pleased to write back to you thanks for this message

  3. I feel so privileged to have stumbled upon you today. Thank you for having the courage to speak so honestly, its as though ive heard you in my mirror. You have an incredible raw power. dont stop.

  4. Saw you on ‘Women who Spit’ and think you beautiful, sensitive and truthful. I am a bit of an old man so I am not coming at you. I was just very moved… truly!!

  5. Hello Deanna! it’s Mark Kamara (previously known as Meade) I’m proud and honoured to have known you as friend, Tutor and fellow artist in poetry, spoken word and generally speaking up about issues we both care about as a human race. for that I salute you and Dean Atta. just to let you know I’m performing at the art fest in Askew Road, performing 3 poems! 2 already published in the Askew Methodist Church magazine. So tomorrow I will do us all proud! lots of love and gratitude from Mark x

  6. Hello Deanna, hope you don’t mind me asking but i’m a student at UCA whose chosen to adapt your spoken poem of ‘Love Ambitions’ into a short video for my fiction adaptation unit. I would honestly love to know what inspired you to start spoken poetry and also where love ambitions came from and your personal views behind the poem itself! I love this poem and watching your YouTube videos are inspiring!

  7. Hi Deanna,

    I am organising a spoken word event to raise money for Refugee Council (a UK based refugee support charity). We would love you to perform and I was wondering if you could get in touch so that we could discuss this further

    Best wishes,

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