African voices in Brussels at #EDD16

So proud of the African Voices collective. African Voices is a collective of artists from Sudan, Ethiopia and South Sudan, which has sprung out of the HOLLA program and British Council Sudan program which delivered three workshops with the same group over the course of a few months. Overseen by Mustafa Khogali and Whats app!

Spending a week at the European Development Days 2016 #EDD16 in Brussels, 6 of the 30 strong crew worked tirelessly with Dan Boyden from the 4D’s* to abridge their show, which was developed last month in Sudan (see a previous post), from 2 hours to 10 mins! This was performed at various occasions including in the European parliament.

We then abridged that further (to 5 MINS!!) for their final performance which took place directly after the Queen of Belgium’s speech and just before the EU commissioner’s speech…

Demonstrating the remarkably powerful and instant impact which the creative arts has the ability to achieve. Feeling is human. Poetry and song resonate with the parts of (some of) us in ways which speeches stroke. Personal narrative is affective.

Here is footage of the final performances of the week: – either watch it all or/and skip to min 21. x

I/we look forward to developing, not only the work and performance but also the model of facilitation to mobilise collectives around the world.



Pic courtesy of Ifa Mesfin

*4D’s are Deanna, Dan, Dan and Fitzy (David).

Deanna Rodger, Lyrix Organix, The Change Collective and Broken Toy Films.


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