Chill Pill: The Big One

Chill Pill: The Big One
Thursday 23rd May at The Albany.

Why is it a Big One? Because Chill pill are celebrating the 30 year existence of the Albany, which is well worth a celebration as well as its own toddler landmark of 3!

We love birthdays so we have put together an extra special extended line up to show The Albany just how loved it is.

Performers include Word for Word’s Kat Francois, Tongue Fu’s Chris Redmond, Come Rhyme With Me’s Dean Atta, Outspoken’s Anthony Anaxagorou and super sounding band which contains Poejazzi’s Josh Idehen, Benin City.

Not to mention the Chill Pill trimmings and surprise funness!!

Book online here to ensure your seat.

All cake is welcome- especially banana cake and/or the real deal birthday cake..!



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