Chill Pill – Who and what


Curated by Mr Gee (host of Radio 4′s Bespoken Word and Rhyme and Reason), Raymond Antrobus, Deanna Rodger, Simon Mole and Adam Kammerling, Chill Pill is a laid-back night which hosts the finest spoken word acts in the UK, as well as one lyrically minded musical acts. (See performer list- hyperlink). The Chill Pill team mix each show up with tightly spun tales inspired by today’s headlines, the ever-popular Classics Corner and plenty of banter to boot…

Chill Pill events currently take place at The Albany and Soho Theatre . We will be launching a live night radio show at Roundhouse Camden in 2013.

We travel as a collective and have performed at festivals across the UK including Lissard Festival (Ireland), Hamswell Festival, Festibelly, Live and Unamplified, One Taste and Ludlow in 2013.


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